Friday, July 26, 2013

Focaccia series at Saint Honore Cake shop

Saint Honore Cake Shop
Focaccia Series:
Walked past and noticed these huge focaccias which were only $10.
There was Italian style focaccia with sea salt and potato or Italian style focaccia with ham, cheese and herbs.
I was tempted to choose the potato but when I used the bakery tongs, the focaccia was a bit hard so I bought the other one which was softer.
Italian style focaccia with ham, cheese and herbs:
The ham in it was a bit weird because focaccias are usually made with sundried tomatoes and herbs.
Anyway, the focaccia was nice and soft and the cheese on top gave it that extra Italian touch.
It was good to see a local bakery producing focaccias which tasted similar to a real focaccia and not shaped to look like one!!

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