Thursday, July 11, 2013

☆★Curry Sing★☆

Curry Sing (Sheung Wan)

When I read Ivy’s first review for Curry Sing I was attracted by the vibrant yellow coloured Tumeric rice.

I had the impression it was an Indian joint but after reading the latest reviews I found out that was Hong Kong style curry which explains why there are no sag aloos orTikkas on the menu.

They serve curry fishballs and beefballs, which is interesting.

The menu is simple, it is either beef, chicken, fish, PORK or vegetable!

I emphasized the pork because HK’ers love pork as well as beef.

For snacks they have skewers and the one I most wanted to try was the deep fried chicken skin which was another bizarre item on the menu for a curry place.
But since Hong Kong people are really health conscious, this is now temporarily unavailable.

Their curries are made with 38 spices which are displayed behind the counter.

They used to have restaurants in Tsuen Wan.

The concept of Curry Sing is an affordable Hong Kong style curry.

When my order was ready, I was expecting the "usual" white plastic bags but it was a well designed sturdy glossy paper bag.

The tubs they used were also nice sturdy plastic tubs which do not give out a CFC chemical smell that CFC ones do.

The food was nicely labelled with stickers denoting which meats they were.

Before the food was packed and cooked they let me take photos of the curry without the sauce so that I could see the chicken, beef, potatoes.

There are five levels of spicyness for the curries, and for beginners I would recommend the cadet one, I also tried the ordinary man.

As for the portion size, it was huge for $38, especially the rice~!!
It is definitely good for two to share and drinks are an extra $4.

Chicken thigh tumeric rice box:

Beef tumeric rice box:

Assorted skewers:
Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork.

All the skewers were strongly marinated but my favourite was the chicken and beef.
I could not quite taste the lamb and it did not have any gamey taste to it either.
As a summary, the taste of curry started off sweet, then the spicyness accumulated and got a bit too spicy.
I liked the pieces of cucumber in the curry because they were quite soothing.
For the choice of meats, there is not much difference in taste because they cook it with the same curry base, so it depends on your preference.

I definately recommend ordering the cadet level for beginners!!

There are also some off menu items such as curry crab, abalone and prawns which can be ordered in advance.

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