Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Wonderful poutine @ Little Tomato Cafe

Little Tomato Cafe (Causeway Bay)

Originally I was invited by kikisheep to try Van Gogh's Kitchen but it clashed with another tasting so I couldn't go.

This time I was invited again by another openricer and tried Little Tomato which is also owned by the same owner.

Ultimately the food was good, but my favourite was the poutine because there are too many localised versions in Hong Kong.

New York Fries used to be good but now they over cook them.

Poutine is actually Canadian and not American!

As well as the food, the drinks menu was neverending, there were at least three I wanted to try.

Here was what we tried:
Garlic bread with cheese:

The garlic bread was toasted to perfection, it was crispy on the crust and the bread in the middle was soft.
The garlic butter spread and cheese were delicious.
Potato salad:

This was also my favourite because I loved the potatoes which still had their skins attached.
The sauce was creamily delicious and not the local sweet salad sauces.
Escargot vol au vents:

It was hard to guess what they were from the Chinese description but when they came I realised they were vol au vents.
I loved the cheese and escargot filling and the escargot was tender.
Poutine with ribs:

The poutine was the best especially the gravy and the fries were perfectly done, not too crisp and perfectly golden.

Personally I am not keen on Carbonara but it was nice with generous pieces of bacons in it.
Eel and fried rice:

The eel was nice and soft, gently smoked and not too sweet.
The rice was fried nicely.
Grilled chicken steak:

The chicken was a bit tough and the flavour could have been stronger.

The omurice had a lovely cat drawn on it and the rice inside was delicious.
I was quite full when it came so did not try much.
Dessert platter:

Was quite full so only tried the brownies which were quite soft.
Foreign lover:

The name sounded nice so ordered this, it was a blend of pineapple, banana and grenadine and soda.
I would have preferred the pineapple juice to be stronger because the banana was quite prominent.
I also tried the Brindisi Trip which was grapefruit soda and icecream and I loved it too.

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