Tuesday, July 02, 2013

URBAN croissants at the urban side of town

URBAN Bake n Take (Tseung Kwan O)

Urban bakery's first branch was at the Hysan place.
After opening their second Branch at langham place, this is their third branch away from the city.

I did not try the croissants at Hysan place because when I went, there was a horrible buttery smell in the air.

The range was the same with almond croissants, cheese croissants, caramel croissants and the deluxe croissants.

Decided to try it because their was no queue and there was a food court nearby to eat it.
Tried the Langoustine with curry emulsion croissant, cheese croissant and caramel croissant.

Langoustine with curry emulsion croissant:

After ordering it, the Lingoustine (crayfish) was measured by weight and put in a bowl for mixing.

It was helpful of them to slice it in half for me, but the taste was slightly disappointing because the sauce had a weird taste which ruined it for me.
Cheese croissant:

Lacked cheese taste and it was slightly sweet too.
Caramel croissant:

Too buttery and greasy.
Although it was flakey, it was heavily greased.
To conclude La salon croissantere is much better because the butter is not as heavy and does not leave me with indigestion.
Eating just one croissant from this place leaves me stuffed for at least six hours.

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