Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Cha-Cha noise at Mugendai

Mugendai (Kowloon Bay)

Shop: Mugendai



The dumpling skin was a bit thick and the pork and cabbage filling in the middle was a bit soft and bland.
Special Cha Cha Ramen:

This is called Cha Cha ramen because when it is cooked, it makes a noise when they put the lard in the boiling hot soup.
The broth was quite clear with bits of lard floating on top, but the taste of the broth was really light with fresh pork taste.
The pork slices had even layers of meat and fat.
The ramen tasted quite nice and the pork broth was balanced by the spring onions and beanshoots
Supplementary Information:This was a complimentary tasting thanks to MegaBox promotions, we tried all six joints that day.
As well as the tasting, it was so generous of them to give us coupons for IKEA, GigaSports and a cute Winnie the Pooh notebook.

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