Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pomegranite & Red Berries iced tea @ burger king

Went to Burger King to try out their new Fruity iced tea series.

In the range, there are Passion fruit and Mango, and Pomegranite & Red Berries.

I was here to try the pomegranite one.
Pomegranite & Red Berries iced tea:

I was tempted to ask them for less syrup when they made the drink but then I decided not to bother because sometimes the drinks are pre-mixed.

Luckily when it came, they gave me the syrup separately.
I did not have to use the syrup because it was slighty sweet as they made the drink with concentrated berry cordial.
There were also strawberry seeds at the bottom.

The taste was quite nice, it had a nice berry tart taste, but it also tasted like Roselle tea.
The only disappointment was that the pomegranite and berry over powered the tea taste.

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