Monday, July 22, 2013

Golden prawn curry @ Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya (Wong Tai Sin)
Decided to try the new prawn curry at Yoshiniya.
There are two choices, one with egg and one without.

At the counter, there were various optional extras.

I paid an extra $10 for sausages in tomato and herb sauce.

Sausages in tomato and herb sauce:

The sausages were ok but I don't think they were cooked properly because it was pinkish in the middle.
Prawn curry with egg:

The prawns which were the highlight of the dish were the worst because the frying oil was rancid and the coating had a really awful taste and smell.
After removing the coating, it was so bad that you could still taste it in the prawns, luckily the curry sauce was really strong it helped to disguise some of that taste.
The curry was just the generic Japanese curry with pieces of carrot and potato with a sweet and spicy taste.
The egg was just the usual Japanese hot spring egg with a runny yolk which was nice with the curry and rice.

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