Saturday, July 27, 2013

Oily food at Very good Banquet hall

Very good Banquet Hall (Tseung Kwan O)
Went to the restaurant below.

Steamed fish:

The steamed fish was on promotion for $28 but you need to check to see if it is still available and you must order other dishes that cost at least $68 to qualify.

It was a fresh fish but it was ruined by the oil which was rancid.
Either it was steamed in this oil or the oil was heated in a stinky wok and poured on top of the fish.
Chinese style angus filet:

The menu here was idiot proof with photographs for every dish.

Again, the wok or whatever it was cooked in was rancid so it had an unpleasant taste.
Anyway, the beef was marinated in soda flour prior to cooking hence its soft tasteless texture.
It was quite salty too.
Steamed aubergines topped with dried prawns and squid:
This dish was meant to healthy, ie steamed aubergines!!
But it turned out the whole dish was REALLY oily and there was a pool of oil at the bottom which makes me wonder if it was steamed in oil.

I felt that they put sugar in this dish because it tasted really artificially sweet.
The dried prawns on the top were fried and tasted a bit bitter.
It is advised to check your bill because one of the items was cancelled by them because it was sold out and we were still billed for it. GREAT JOB!!

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