Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Brown sugar Sachima by Taipan

Taipan Bread & Cakes (North Point)

Sachimas are popular treats for kids.

To me, they are similar to sticky rice crispy/cornflake bars made in cookery lessons at school.

I was attracted to the ones at Taipan because they had so many flavours for the sachima!!

-Brown sugar and cashew nut
-peanut and raisin
-orange and honey
-meat floss

The flavours were rather funky and modern!!

Anyway I bought the Brown sugar and cashew nut flavour.
Brown sugar and cashew nut sachima:

The good thing about these modern sachimas is that they do not have that weird smell.

The sachimas were light and delicious, the sweetness was just right, but the brown sugar taste was not strong enough.
The main problem was that it fell apart when you ate them.

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