Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Delighted with dim sum at Kung Fu

Kung Fu Dim Sum (Tsim Sha Tsui)
To be honest I did not have a good impression of Kung Fu dim sum because the food at the North Point branch was not that good, but this visit changed my opinion and there are more choices at the TST branch.

Heres what we tried:

Scallop and shrimp dumpling

In these dumplings I liked the crunch in it, because it contained Chinese celery which has a strong grassy taste to balance the scallop and shrimp.
Prawn dumpling

The good thing about these prawn dumplings is that you order by the number of dumplings you want and they do not come in the standard portion of fours.
Stewed conch with yam and chicken leg:
Before the pots of soup came, they gave out cups which I thought were tea cups.

The soup comes in a pot that looks like a tea pot.

Inside the pot, it was loaded with ingredients used for the soup.

We tried two soups, this was my favourite because the ginseng one did not taste strong enough.
The stewed conch soup was definately delicious, it was oil free and clear that you could taste the conch and chicken strongly.

There were so much ingredients in the pot.

Crispy sticky rice with chicken:

The crispy sticky rice was creative, it reminded me of riceburgers.
Here they use fresh chicken in the middle so it was nice.
It tastes like pan fried wrapped glutinous rice with chicken and the crispy rice give its more depth.
Chicken and sliced abalone with red rice in lotus leaf:

This was my favourite! I will be back for this!!
It contains red rice which is healthy and the texture of the rice is not too coarse or dry.
Each grain of rice was deliciously flavoured with abalone.
Chicken feet in abalone sauce

This was another favourite of mine, I will be back for this again.
They were soft gelatinous chicken feet in delicious abalone sauce.
Rice rolls:
There were two rice rolls we tried, beef and enoki mushrooms and BBQ.

Both of them were wrapped in delicately thin rice roll sheets which were silky and smooth.
Sweet egg twist with honey

The great thing about these egg twists was that the honey was served separately and the egg twists did not have any oily odour.
Prawn spring rolls:
They were like thin long straws which were crispy with delicious prawn inside.
Malay sponge cake:
Usually I avoid this but here it was soft, fluffy and the sweetness was just right.
I will be back soon for the rice wrapped in lotus leaves, soup and the abalone sauce chicken feet!

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