Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get off the Ding Ding and get your Bing

Mr. Bing (Wan Chai)
Mr. Bing serves delicious Beijing style crepes.
The first time I tried them was at Central.

Now they have opened a second branch in Wan Chai right next to the Sugar cane beverage shop.

Since my last visit, there are three new flavours: Shanghai Bing, Green Bing and Kimchi Bing.
Shanghai Bing is bascially the Original with dough stick, pork floss and pickled radish.
Green Bing is basically the Original with lettuce and cucumber.
Kimchi Bing is basically the Original with Kimchi.

It is newly opened hence the operations are not that smooth.

At the Central branch you just pay and wait for the Bings, but at this branch, after you have paid, you have to pass the receipt to one of the crepe makers hence causing some chaos because there are also some people milling about in that area.

The Bing sets were slightly confusing because when I ordered, they asked me what size I wanted for the Bing, but one of the guys promoting said it was the standard size for sets.

The next day, things have improved, there is a line for people to queue.

Tried the Green Bing and I loved it because it was green obviously because of the lettuce.
I loved the taste of the beancurd sauce and cilantro with the lettuce and crepe.

Mr Brian Golderg founder of Mr Bing:

Mr. Bing in Central:

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