Thursday, July 11, 2013

Take A Break with a waffle

Take A Break Cafe (Prince Edward)

Came here because it looked striking in the kowloon area.

You normally see these type of buildings in urban areas like Yuen Long and Sai Kung.
Anyway they basically serve waffles like the ones at Coffee Alley.

Thanks to Connie and Dull for arranging this trip or I would have been to lazy to go because it is located in the middle of no where.

Inside the cafe, it was actually quite small and cramped, the decor was interesting with huge chandeliers and paintings.

There is only one staff at this place so all the taking orders, cooking and drinks are done by him so you have to wait quite a bit.


I do not drink coffee but this was someone else's coffee.
The drink selection was a bit disappointing because the choice was limited and did not have fruit juice tea like Coffee Alley.
It was a choice of coffee, tea, milkshakes or lemon tea.
On leaving I discovered there was apple soda on the board outside which was too late.
All day breakfast:

The breakfast was ok but a bit overpriced for $98 and the sausage was basically one whole sausage sliced in half.
Interestingly the bacon which I do not normally like was good because it was lean.
The breakfast costs $98 and includes a coffee, so if your coming for the pretty latte art then it pays off.
Waffles with strawberries:

The waffle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
For the icecream I would prefer vanilla instead of strawberry because it tasted a bit artificial.

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