Monday, July 01, 2013

Rhubarb tart to die for

La Rotisserie (Sheung Wan)

Had a craving for potatoes that day so La Rotisserie sprung in my mind and this other place for baked potatoes or curried potato salad.

As La Rotisserie was nearer to the MTR, I checked it out first.
The roast potatoes that day were a bit chunky and the quiches and tarts were really appealing because I have not tried their spinach quiche and the Rhubarb one I definately had to get because not places places do Rhubarb in Hong Kong.

Spinach and goats cheese quiche:

I avoid goats cheese because sometimes the taste can be really awful but decided to try it anyway.

The goats cheese here was pleasant and it had a sharp taste and a crumbly texture.

The quiche was loaded with delicious spinach and it was really delicious.
I wanted the tomato quiche too because I was craving for that eggy, cheesy filling but there were other things I wanted to try.

These were lentils and not many places cook it this way so I had to try it as well.
I thought they were vegetarian but it had bacon in it, so its not suitable for vegetarians unfortunately because it was delicious!
For $25, I got a HUGE pot of it which I could not finish!
Although I am not vegetarian or a bacon lover, it definately tasted amazing with the bacon because it added savourness and smokyness to the lentils.
As well as bacon, there were crispy diced onions, tomatoes, and herbs.
Rhubarb tart:

This tart was divine as well!
There were huge chunks of rhubarb generously placed in every square of the tart.
The combination of the custard egg filling and rhubarb was great and it was not too sweet.
It tastes better than rhubarb crumble too, but if there was one infront of me right now I would want to eat it as well.
I love rhubarb because it has a really sharp taste, it basically looks like a crimson coloured celery stalk but the leaves are poisonous.
Luckily there was a ledge on their shop window so I could eat it there!

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