Sunday, July 14, 2013

Japanese style coffee house in Sai Kung

Bei Coffee (Sai Kung)

To be honest I hate Sai Kung, but only went into SK to try this new Japanese Coffee house.

I do not drink coffee but I was attracted to their other items such as strawberry milkshake, Japanese style coffee and the red tea souffle.

Arrived in Sai Kung and found this brightly lit clean coffee shop in the lanes.

The logo for this place was nice because it was not the usual local designs it had a fox and this Japanese structure on it.

The coffee house is reasonably spacious and big with about 4-6 tables.

Strawberry milkshake:

The strawberry milkshake was shaken in a cocktail shaker, manually shaken by the guy and it had a thick layer of foam on top which was really creamy.
(would have taken photo if I was fast enough).
It was made with their homemade strawberry syrup which has real pieces of strawberries in it and it was not too sweet.

They also use this for their toasts.
Japanese Chicken curry with fusilli:

This was meant to come with rice but they did not have enough Japanese pearl rice so replaced it with fusilli which was even better.
The fusilli they used was smaller than the usual ones you can buy and it was al-dente and more sauce hung to the spiral parts of the pasta.

The curry sauce was slightly bitter and tasted like coffee later confirmed by Bei Coffee.
In the curry sauce I liked the baby carrots which were really cute because you could see how young they were by their diameters.
The colour of the curry was also quite dark probably due to the coffee.
Red Tea souffle:

I loved this souffle because you could see they put so much tea leaves in the souffle and the tea aroma was really strong and you could taste it.

The sweetness was just right and it was my favourite Earl Grey flavour (confirmed by Bei coffee) which I could imediately taste right away.
The menu:
The menu was simple but it would be good if there were prices on it because some Hong Kongers are quite .......

Apart from Coffee they also have a good range of teas which you can smell at the counter contained in the labelled jars.

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