Monday, July 01, 2013

Everyone's a Chocoyou designer

ChocoYOU is an innovative chocolate company based in Hong Kong, allowing everyone to create their very own chocolate with ingredients they like on the chocolate they choose.

Every bar is different, and unique, and 100% personalized.

ChocoYOU and its parent company Chocorati are founded by television-executive-turned-chocolatier Alexis Kwong Alvarez. He started making his own chocolate creations at home, mastering the art of tempering and blending Asian ingredients with chocolate. When he left the media industry in December 2010 after 16 years, he toyed with the idea of starting a chocolate company with the encouragement of his friends to share his passion.

If you have seen their chocolate bars before, each one has its own design to it, even if you don't order it is fun to try it out on their website by choosing the chocolate and the type of ingredients you would like to put on it.

There are so many choices for chocolate from milk, dark to chili or even curry.
The ingredients are really diverse from colourful candies to printing photos on a piece of chocolate plaque.

Each chocolate bar can be named and labelled on the packaging too.

I was really priviledged to get an invitation from Alexis to create three chocolate bars.

It took me two days to choose because there were so many choices and I wanted the taste and the colours to match because as well as taste I am a person that likes to design things as well!

From the choice of chocolates, I reduced it down to three: Dark chocolate, mint chocolate and Curry chocolate.

Supersupergirl mania:

Clearly this chocolate was more on the design so I chose mint chocolate for this one and I did not want other ingredients to over power the mint taste so I chose candies such as silver balls, silver flakes and marshmallows to go on top. 
This was one of the bars I chose to put a photo plaque on it.
It came out how I expected because silver, white and pink go nicely together.

Ingredients: Mint chocolate, marshmallows, caramel crunch, photo, Silver pieces and silver ball candies.
I have to admit, it was too pretty to eat, hence I have not tried this one yet!
Dark snowy forest:

I chose dark chocolate for this and I felt that berries taste good with dark chocolate so I picked Raspberry crispy pieces, dried whole strawberries, and dried plums because dried plums are rare.
I also chose coconut flakes and pistachio nuts to complement the red colours of the berries.
In the end I named it Dark snowy forest because it had coconut hence the snow and the forest represented by the green pistachio nuts and berries.
It was really good that each ingredient was generously sprinkled on giving the maximum taste in every square of chocolate.Ingredients: Dark chocolate, Raspberry crispy, dried whole strawberries, dried plums, dried coconut and dried pistachio nuts.

Taste: I loved the taste of this because the dark chocolate and tart berries were really nice complemented by the gorgeous coconut pieces.
Savoury madness:
It was really good, they also had savoury ingredients which I chose because it would be weird choosing sweet ingredients.Ingredients: Chocolate curry, Himalayan pink salt, basil, oregano, vegetarian bacon bits and crispy chicken noodles.

As expected the taste was really really nice and you could instantly smell the curry when you took the bar out from the packaging!
The curry and herbs tasted really nice together and the crispy noodles, bacon bits added to it extra savouryness, hence the name Savoury madness!
When I got my chocolate bars, it was fun sharing it and showing my designs as well as sharing it because it tasted nice.

Thank you Alexis for this fun Chocolate experience.

To start creating your own chocolates, visit and don’t forget to like them on Facebook here.

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