Friday, July 12, 2013

Sheared egg tart

Hoixe Cake Shop (Wan Chai)

AGAIN I did not buy these but the association who got them were on a budget of $4 per person.
They always buy from here.
They always get anything that costs $4, the main complaint people complained about were that the egg tarts were floppy and watery, then they changed to butter cakes which were smelly, then on the last occasion they got individually packed sliced butter cakes.

This time it was back to floppy tarts!

Egg tarts:
I liked the way one has been sheared!! NOT

The filling looked normal, but too sweet this time and the flakey crust was too oily.
Sliced butter cake:
Since some people never eat these cakes because they said it was disgusting, we decided to do an experiment and see if it would go moldy in a month.
It did not go moldy and the size has shrunk if you compare it to the fresh one!
Anyway more to follow as next month we will see how the cake progresses!


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