Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dumon chocolates now in Hong Kong

DUMON Chocolatier (Central)
Dumon chocolates are made by Stefan Dumon with the help of his wife Marie-Anne. His small family business consisting of just six have won several awards for their amazing confectionery and now expanded internationally.

Stefan is truly an artesian chocolatier having spent all of his adult life and a large chunk of his youth surrounded by chocolate and the paraphernalia used in the making of fine chocolates.

Stefan blends a superb mix of traditional recipes along with his own unique flavours and designs.

The confection is truly hand made and every part of the production process is overseen by Stefan himself.

His latest award was from France's Gault & Millau.

Now in Hong Kong, they have opened a chocolatier at The Galleria.
When you get there, you are greeted by a cute girl on the poster which is Stefan's niece

There is a cabinet of chocolates elegantly displayed and the chocolatier staff are great and know their chocolates well.

Heres what we tried:
Strawberry Marzipan、Hondekop、Earl Grey Tea、Diamant :
[clockwise from top left]

Strawberry Mazipan: this was quite sweet and the almond was really strong, although it was quite sweet, it reminded me of the marzipan I had as a kid.
Hondekop: chose this because the dog was cute and it had nuts in it.
Earl Grey Tea: This was the best and had really strong earl grey taste.
Diamant: Not fond of white chocolate but I chose it because the shape was nice.

This was chocolate filled with light strawberry creme that was not too sweet.
Again it reminded me of the strawberry creme chocolate I had when I was a kid but annoyingly I was too young to remember what brand it was.
Champagne Truffle、Dark Cocoa:

The champagne could have tasted stronger and the dark cocoa could have been stronger. The filling in the middle was quite sweet and over powered the coating.
There is a caramel one which I think would taste nice too.
Krokant 、Bombe Melk:

Both tasted quite similar because both had cream inside.
Krokant was filled with Tiramisu and Bombe Melk was filled with almond cream.
As a dark chocolate lover, I would like to see a dark chocolate version.
Hart PR dark 、Hart dark:

Both these chocolates were the same but I preferred the one with hearts on it because the chocolate coating was uniform.
They will both filled with light hazelnut praline.
Dumon also caters for events and wedding with their special collections.

Thanks to Dumon and the communications team for the box of chocolates which I gave to Ivy as she could not come to the tasting.


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