Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hana-musubi's tofu and chicken burger


Thank you Ivy for getting me this delicious treat from Hana-musubi.

This is one of my favourite places for food.
I tried to come here on a Saturday afternoon but it was closed.

There is a branch at Brim but it is too far!!

Anyway, more Hana-musabi's are opening and there are two new branches in Wan Chai, one at C.C.Wu building and the other at the Revenue Tower.

Homemade tofu and chicken burger:

I loved this burger because it is made of chicken and tofu.
Most places it is just beef and boring beef.
The burger was covered in generous and delicious tasting gravy on a bed of cabbage.
It was really delicious with bits of tofu and minced chicken and the strong gravy complimented it well.
There were lots of cabbage and sliced mushrooms which gave it a nice healthy balance.

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