Monday, July 15, 2013

Hana-musubi at the revenue tower

Hana-musubi (Wan Chai)

At the Revenue Tower, there is a newly opened branch of Hana-musubi.

I have never been to the Revenue Tower before but went there to get some musubis.

It is just building and buildings on that side of town so getting food is difficult which explains why there were so many people at Hana-musubi.

As it just opened, there was a Japanese man promoting it which annoyed me a bit because his voice was a bit loud and what he said was repetitive (luckily I did not understand Japanese).

The Konbu was really nice, it was musubi with sea kelp, the taste was light and slightly sweet, a good choice for vegetarians.

These were dried baby sardines which was why they were slightly hard and it was slightly sweet too.
Another healthy option if people do not want to choose meat.
Octopus salad:

The sauce that came with this was really nice, it was ginger oil that had grounded ginger in it.
When it was mixed with the salad, it gave the seaweed and octopus a heaty taste because of the ginger puree.
The seaweed was really nice because it has a natrual unami taste.
Although it was a tiny box, it was very filling.

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