Friday, July 05, 2013

Strawberries stingyness

We dined here because our foodie friend wanted to try the Chocolate rain tea set.

Before we ordered, it was promising to see the tea set that was on the other table next to us had four huge red strawberries (dosnt show 4 strawberries on the photo but I saw four whole strawberries).

Strawberries on another table
However when ours arrived it was two strawberries sliced in half and they argued that they serve strawberries by weight when evidently the other table had much bigger strawberries and whole strawberries too.

our plate!
The taste of the strawberries were nice and sweet.
The texture of the strawberries were much firmer than the usual ones.

We also ordered other stuff, but since we did not get the full portion of strawberries, my review is only featuring half of what we had!
Please refer to the product shot on the Chinese review below and it shows WHOLE strawberries!

Takeaway version of Chocolate rain hokkaido ice-cream

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