Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whiffle waffling fun at Wafffle


Shop B, G/F, Tin On Shing Commercial Building, 41-43 Graham Street,

I was on my way to Kau Kee when I saw this fun looking Wafffle shop which ruined my plan to Kau Kee as I had already eaten a quiche and a tart beforehand.

Anyway, I just liked the colourful comic design of the shop logo, not only was it impactful, there were fun flashing coloured squares at the bottom which look great at night.

(Note: Wafffles is spelt with three f's.)

There is another Belgian Waffle joint in TST but I never tried because it was a tiny shop and there were smokers outside.

The location of this shop is much better and really stands out from the street!!

Inside the shop, I loved the ceiling and the vivid colours were contrasted nicely by the black furnishings.

The lights were really nice too.

There was another MUST SEE item too!! The HUGE nutella jar!!!!

(photo courtesy of Wafffle!)

Waffles they serve:

Basically there is classic, waffle devil (chocolate) and special of the week.
The chocolate has solid chocolate in the middle (see picture below) so that it melts when it is heated up.

They had a nice choice of sauces and fruit syrups but I think cream is the best unless you have a real sweet tooth.

While your waiting for the waffles you can scribble on their board and have some fun.

(photo courtesy of Wafffle!)

(photo courtesy of Wafffle!)

(photo courtesy of Wafffle!)
Waffle with cream:
Front view

Side view

The size of the nutella jar next to a waffle!

The waffles in Hong Kong are American style and made with batter and dough which are usually too sweet for me to bother trying them.
They serve Liege waffles which are richer, denser, sweeter, and chewy.
I loved the chewyness of it and the crispyness of the surface.
The waffle was sweet because it had delicious caramelized sugar on the outside so I chose whipped cream with it to balance out the sweetness.
There were plastic forks but it would be great if there was a knife too because the waffle texture is quite chewy and to eat with just a fork.
Anyway, there is NO SUCH THING as a Belgian Waffle in Belgium, which is only known to the Americans, there are only Liege waffles, Brussels waffles, and Stroopwafels.
Almond waffle with whipped cream, fresh apples and apple and cinnamon sauce:

The sweetness of this was just right and the apple sauce and cream tasted so nice with the almond waffle.
There were bits of almond it the waffle too.

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