Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The best E-fu noodles in town

Kau Kee Restaurant (Central)

Kau Kee is a really famous joint for beef brisket so expect long queues.

Usually beef brisket is paired with flat rice noodles, thin yellow noodles and other options but here it is popularly paired with E-fu noodles and it tastes so good that they serve plain E-fu noodles in soup too.

Restaurant photo:

There is an English menu at the front of the shop window for people who can't read Chinese.
Beef brisket, tendons and E-fu noodles in curry sauce:

The curry was really nice because it had lots of caraway seeds in it which is how a good tasting beef brisket curry should contain.
Sadly the last time I had this delicious tasting beef brisket was in the UK which is a bit of a shame for something that I should be able to get readily in Hong Kong.
It was slightly too spicy and salty but it was good and the beef was soft.
Plain E-fu noodles:

These are the best plain E-fu noodles you can get in Hong Kong.
It is really difficult to get good tasting E-fu noodles because not many people order this at restaurants so the uncooked noodles (in dry form) have probably been sitting there for quite a while therefore going rancid because of the environment.
But here, they are served nearly every minute which means they do not stay in the storeroom for long from the time they arrive from their suppliers.
Anyway, the E-fu noodles were lovely and al-dente when they arrived and the broth was sweet, loaded with lots of spring onions giving it a fresh taste.

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