Thursday, July 04, 2013


Grecoπ (Wan Chai)

Grecoπ is a great place for Greek food, but it is located in the middle of nowhere!

A year later they have new items on the menu so I went to try them out.

They have two new desserts but it was not available when I went.

I would go again but this place is too far away and I really cannot be bothered to walk here despite the food is brilliant.

They sell taramasalata and hummus dips in the fridge.

Fries with crumbled feta:

Since my last visit, I had forgotten how delicious their fries were.
There was crumbled feta on top which makes the fries more appetizing.
There were quite a few fries that were really long in length!
The length of the fries are about the length of a plastic fork.
They are even taller than a can of coke.

Grilled Greco burger:

Before I started devouring the burger I was delighted how it was neatly wrapped because not all burgers are presented in a nice way.
You could see they put effort in making the burger and each layer was neatly place including the sauce.
The patty was really nice and the texture of it was different, it tasted similar to kofte with herbs.

They also put two slices of cheddar in the burger.

Greek spinach pie:

The spinach pie was my favourite, wholesome spinach in the pie covered with delicate filo pastry.
It was filled with so much spinach!

If the pie had been warmer it would have been perfect.
My previous visit at Greco:

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