Saturday, July 27, 2013

Delicious BBQ pork toast on Cloud 9

Cloud View Chinese BBQ Congee Needle Restaurant (North Point)
Before I talk about food, I have just discovered Braemar Hill is such a great place, the air is crisp and pure, and the whole area is clean and unpolluted that I wonder why people still go to Sai Kung thinking it is such a nice area.

Anyway, the English name on OpenRice is somewhat hilarious because it is called "Cloud View Chinese BBQ Congee NEEDLE Restaurant" (perhaps noodleinstead of needle?)

I found this restaurant really interesting because it is located in Braemar Hill where all the tycoons live but this place was really down to earth and the prices were reasonable too.
Soya chicken and roast pork with rice:
The best tasting roast pork in Hong Kong!!! I thought Joy Hing was good but this is the best!
It is slightly fatty but the texture is gelatinous and also burnt too so it is crispy as well.
There is no bitter taste even though it is slightly charred but the texture of the pork was really moist and soft.
The chicken was good too and their rice also stood out too because it was fragrant and fluffy!
Roast pork toast:

There was thinly sliced lean pork in the middle and the chewiness of it paired nicely with the crispy toast.
Basically, it was delicious, and the unbuttered version is even better because the margarine ruins it.
The roast pork here is so delicious that I have purposely got the minibus up here three times now just for their roast pork!

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