Saturday, July 20, 2013

Great Gyozas @ Minami Kadofuji

Minami Kadofuji (Kowloon Bay)
Shop: Minami Kadofuji



Compared to Minami Aoyama and Mugendai, this was my favourite because the dumpling skin was taut and thin.
The filling was a good balance of meat, crispy aromatic vegetables.
I could taste chives, cabbages and a hint of ginger.
The dumplings at this place taste like the ones at Hide Ramen.

The ramen was topped with extra vegetables compared to other ramens styles and the thickness of the ramen strand was nearly as thick as udon, it was overly al-dente but when eaten with the crunchy vegetables there was a good balance in terms of mouthfeel.
It was topped with strong salty crushed garlic which gave the beanshoots an extra touch but with the broth it was quite salty.
Supplementary Information:This was a complimentary tasting thanks to MegaBox promotions, we tried all six joints that day.
As well as the tasting, it was so generous of them to give us coupons for IKEA, GigaSports and a cute Winnie the Pooh notebook.

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