Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hung Fook Tong's fruity drinks 2013

Hung Fook Tong
I don't often buy drinks from Hung Fook Tong because they taste syrupy and sweet but when I found out there was a new drink with guava and grapefruit, I decided to try it.
As well as guava and grapefruit, they had other nice flavours such as passionfruit and grapefruit, pineapple and white bittermelon.
The range this year was much better.
They only had strawberry and hawthorn last year which was too sweet.
Citrus drink with passionfruit:

This drink was a mix of Passion fruit juice, orange juice, pomelo and interestingly it also had water chestnut flour.
The combination of passion fruit and orange was really refreshing but the orange juice was not strong.
Citrus with guava:

The colour of this was a pretty pink.
It was a mix of grapefruit and pink guava.
It could have tasted better because the tastes did not blend, it seemed like guava juice with pieces of grapefruit meat put in it and not guava juice blended with grapefruit.
Pineapple with white bittermelon:

The idea of this was good but the tastes of the pineapple and white bitter melon were not blended together.
They were like two separate identities, you could only taste the white bitter melon when you happened to chew on the bitter melon pieces and the drink itself just tasted of pineapple and did not have any bitter melon taste.

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