Friday, July 12, 2013

Sing Kee sings victory from the rest

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant (Sai Kung)

To be honest I never eat seafood in Sai Kung because I don't know how to look for good ones.

Sing Kee is located near Lakeside gardens so if you get off at Lakeside Garden bus stop, it is only a few footsteps away or you can walk along the seafront from the minibus terminal.

The restaurant stands out from the rest and it is a separate building itself.

There was so much seafood that night and heres what we triied.
Preserved ginger, preserved egg and handmade squid patties:
I was surprised they had these as starters but I liked the squid patties because it was crispy on the outside and soft and springy on the inside.
Sashimi platter:

This was a really nice treat, I loved the delicate pieces of translucent lobster, but it was slightly disguised in the bed of ice below.
Steamed scallop with wine:

This was my favourite, I loved the burgandy colour of the glass noodles.
The scallops soaked up the rich flavour of the chinese wine and the glass noodles were deliciously flavoured by the dried prawn roe.
Stir fried razor clams with Thai basil:

The clams were fresh and springy with a delicous hint of basil.
Abalone delights:

I have not been to Loaf On, but the fellow foodies said it tasted the same.
The braised abalone was sweet and delicate and the gravy was rich which goes deliciously with rice.
The salt and pepper one was interesting because the crispy coating on the outside was delicious.
Fish with sweet corn sauce:

The fish was really nice that it tasted nice with or without the sweetcorn sauce.
I liked the way it was served separate so you can try the fish without sauce and the fish remains crispy.
The breadcrumb coating reminded me of Western fish filets in crispy coating.
I wouldnt mind having a plate of chips on the side

The crab was delicious especially the crab roe which was a thick orangy yellow mass.
Spareribs in honey and hawthorn sauce:
The spareribs were sweet and fruity.
Crispy chicken:
The chicken was tender with crispy chicken skin attached.
Premium fried rice:
The rice was nice and not too greasy loaded with lots of goodies.
Congee with lobster head:

This was a luxury as it was made with lobster head.
It was light and sweet.
Yakult pudding:

I really liked this pudding because it was creative!! No other place in Hong Kong serves it so far.
The average spending per person is about $700 but if you have a budget you can discuss the items you would like or specify your budget so they can arrange accordingly.

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