Monday, July 01, 2013

How long will New York Fries last in Hong Kong

New York Fries (Tseung Kwan O)

New York Fries used to be the talk of town with their first branch at Harbour City.

Then they opened another one at Langham place and more popped up.
Unfortunately, there are now two branches left in Hong Kong and I wonder how long they will stay before they pack up!
I used to get New York fries at least once a week but since they localized the fries I don't really like them.
For some reason Hong Kongers do not like fried foods.
Ireland's potato is a good example.
The fries here are meant to be soft but they have now localised them and made them crispier by frying them longer (in my point of view - burnt!!).
The colour of the fries are really dark.
The fries I get from Chinese shops are over done, but this is how the locals like them.
At NYF, they have the usual condiments for hotdogs, eg olives, sauces, onions etc.

My favourite is always the vinegars, and Cajun seasoning.


Compared to the fries I got when they opened a few years ago, these are much darker.

The cheese is not cheese curds, they are basically cubes of cheese.
The fries were ok, but not as delicious as they used to be because they were too crispy and overdone for my liking.

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