Tuesday, July 09, 2013

McDonalds new dipping sauces for 2013


Came here for the new chicken McNuggets sauces.

Technically the honey mustard is not new because it has been served before.
The rest were slightly different so they were worth trying.

Usually they only launch two sauces at a time and then the other flavours at a later date, but this time you can order 18 nuggets and try all four sauces.

To be honest, it's a bit sickly eating so many nuggets so its better to share.

The packaging for the 18 nuggets and the four sauces were quite cute.

L-R: chili, honey, curry, sesame
Honey mustard:
To be honest, the honey mustard is really boring, they have this as a choice for people not daring to try the other ones.
It just tastes slightly sweet with a hint of mustard.
Singapore curry sauce:
This tasted like the sweet curry sauce at UK's McDonald, but the colour is not opaque like the British sauce, it looks similar to Satay sauce.
Sesame miso sauce:
Out of the four flavours, this tasted the best and the sesame taste was not as strong as the miso.
However it lacked the saltiness taste of miso and it was slightly sweet but still likeable.
Korean chili sauce:
This was also a winner out of the four but it can be quite spicy.
The taste was quite beany and tastes like the HoiSin sauce that goes with Peking duck.

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