Monday, July 01, 2013

Great desserts for sharing @ Spade by Lassana

Great desserts for sharing Jul 01, 2013

Spade by Lassana (Mong Kok)

I first noticed this icecream parlour at Yau Tong's Domain Mall where they mix ingredients into the icecream just like Turkish icecream.

There is a gorgeous sweet smelling scent that you can smell when you are in the shop.

As well as savoury sets, there are sweet sets.
The savoury sets are quite a good deal and the portions are big too.

Salmon and egg mayonnaise toast:

I couldnt resist showing the croissant sideways so that you can see there are so many layers in the croissant.
The egg mayonnaise was lovely and creamy without being too heavy, and there were delicious pieces of salmon in it.
Earl Grey tea by Mighty Leaf Tea Brand:

This is another close up picture too because I love the way the teabag is made.
Inside the artisan tea bag, it contains whole tea leaves which give off a really strong leafy taste similar to decent Chinese tea leaves.
Berries toast:

The toast came with a separate dish of honey but it was sweet enough and did not need the honey.
The toast had a similar texture to the croissant and it had a buttery taste and aroma too.
Lassana Premium Green tea icecream:

The above is another premium icecream being made.
We tried the green tea with red beans and mochi.

Since the red beans and mochi balls were mixed in the icecream for a period of time, they got a bit frozen so the texture was a bit hard but likeable.
The texture of the icecream was chewy and elastic just like Turkish icecream.
Anyway, the location is convenient so I will be back for the squid ink salmon sandwich and tea because it really does taste good.

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