Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Squid ink series @ The Ramen

The Ramen (Kowloon Bay)

Came here because the other places were packed and this place was quite empty.

I was attracted by the black squid udon and ramen so ordered them both.
I believe they mean Squid ink/Black squid ink because there is no such thing as black squid.
Black squid yaki udon:

The udon was nice and al-dente and the squid ink sauce was a little too salty and the crushed garlic was too strong.
Black squid Miso ramen:

I ordered this because it was not spicy according to staff, but when it came it was red because they gave me this other spicy ramen by mistake.

After a while, the correct one came, but it was slightly spicy so I believed they used the same ramen but put it in the squid ink broth.
The ramen fared better than the udon because the broth was stronger.
The ramens were a bit overpriced in my opinion.

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