Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Catfe (Sheung Wan)
I was attracted to this Cafe because of the name Catfe located on the corner of holiday inn.

It was a little bit disappointing because there were not many cat related items inside apart from the logo and the cat ornament on the ledge.

At Catfe, they have non coffee drinks for people who do not drink coffee.

They had a cake cabinet.

Unfortunately, both seats were taken so I could not dine there.
I was intending to try both cakes but since I had to eat outside I only got one.

I got the tea one because the other one was not labelled.
I don't know what this cake was because there was no English, it was some sort of Lemon tea cheesecake.

Basically it was a mousse cake with a layer of tea jelly on top which was bitter, then there was cream and lemon peel on top which was also bitter.
I didn't really like it because most of it was fake cream.

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