Friday, January 24, 2014

Disappointing roast pork

新一派 味道 (Tseung Kwan O)
Honestly, I had no expectations of this place but it turned out far worse.

This place claims that their BBQ roast pork is good.

Anyway when I ordered, the waitress was a bit weird, after ordering one dish, she was rushing me to order a second dish as if I was not ordering enough.


Most sets cost around $52-$55 which includes rice, vegetables, soup and a main dish.
The price is quite debatable because if you are getting so many items then $5x is a good deal but if the items in the meal are inexpensive then paying $5X is rather a waste!

Photos of the restaurant:

The restaurant is reasonably comfortable hidden at the corner of some mall.
Roast pork with black pepper and honey:

The roast pork was just sweet, the black pepper was tasteless and having Chinese roast pork always depends on luck.
This time all the pieces were fatty. Great! NOT!

Red beancurd pork knuckles with beancurd skin:

The pork knuckles were on a bed of beancurd skin which soaked the beancurd sauce.
However the sauce was a bit gritty, it seemed like there were wood shavings in it.
As for the pork knuckles, they were too soft and had some prickly stubble that was not shaved properly.

Chinese radish:

The Chinese radish was good but the broth ruined it because it had a rancid pork smell.

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