Friday, January 24, 2014

Quality has dropped at 金發車仔麵

On my previous visit, the noodles were great so came back again.
The previous review was postive, but this one is negative because the taste is not consistent.

Instant noodles with ox tripe and Chinese radish:

This time the broth was bland and watery and the aniseed was too strong.
The ox tripes were not as soft as before and it was not braised long enough because it was not as tasty as my previous visit.
Fish shaomai:
As I was still hungry I ordered some extra fish shaomai.
I really admired the way, they got a skewer from the steamer and walked over to my table with it dripping on to the floor so I had to either hold when she came over or have it plonked in my bowl of noodles.
Luckily I had finished with the noodles so it was ok to slap it on top of the noodles.
Unfortunately, the fish shaomai were cold and tasted weird.

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