Friday, January 24, 2014

All day breakfast at M18

M18 (Lok Fu)
Previously tried their cakes so decided to come back for the breakfast because it was incredibly cheap!!

all day breakfast:

For $36, there were mushrooms, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, tomato, toast and baked beans.
I was not expecting top quality British sausages for $36 but the sausages they served were far better than frankfurters that the Hongkies love to serve.

The mushrooms were good too, they were diced button mushrooms which have a lovely earthy taste. Perhaps there could have been more mushrooms but again you can't complain at that price.

The toast was quite decent and it was thickly sliced and it wasn't the Hongkie style sweet tasting bread but normal bread!
The bacon was a bit weird for me, it was hard and crumbly

The eggs were acceptable, half Western and half Hongkie style because of the crispy edges.
For Western palates that are not demanding, the breakfast would definitely pass the test.
As for Hongkies, this is definitely a truly Western breakfast in their eyes!!!


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