Thursday, January 02, 2014

Sweet treats at A la Folie Pâtisserie

A la Folie Pâtisserie (旺角)
Shop 247, 2/F., Grand Century Plaza, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok

Thanks for the invitation so I could try all these sweet treats.
It was really creative that every cake had a musical name.

Here was what I tried.
Berry Me:
blueberry, yoghurt, sponge cake, Kirsch

A nice alternative cake for people who do not like cheesecake because this was a yoghurt cake.
There are so many cakes at the cake counter that there is a cake for everyone.
I liked the blueberry mousse and the yoghurt mousse in the middle but I wish the yoghurt mousse had a stronger taste.
La Sonata:
Mixed berries, strawberry, white chocolate, raspberry compote

This was everyones favourite, it was refreshing berry mousse with soft cake in the middle.
Lover's concerto:
Yellow peach, red peach, white peach, cream cheese

This was a creamy cake balanced by the fresh slices of peach on top.
Dome de Mangue:
Mango, blueberry, Kirsch, sour cream

I am not keen on mangoes but it had a deeply strong mango mousse paired with blueberry mousse.
Blueberry lemon cheesecake:
blueberries, cream cheese, lemon, walnuts, strawberry

The cheesecake tasted better than I expected because there were lots of walnuts in it which made it not so heavy and it was quite lemoney too!
Orange, red currant, white chocolate, apricot

I found this cake really refreshing because I love orange and apricot and it was nice and tangy.
Mousse chocolat-Banane:
Milk chocolate, banana caramel, hazelnut

This was seriously good, the caramel coating looked heavy on the outside but it was just an illusion because it was like a gel coating and the taste of caramel was not sickly sweet but had a bitter touch and there was dreamy banana and hazelnut in the middle.
A Cappella:
Chocolate, raspberry, Kirsch, Pistachio

This was my favourite because I love chocolate rolls and it was paired with my favourite raspberry and pistachio which added more texture and depth to it.
Hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla

A cute and colourful cake with light cake inside it.
Eclair au chocolat:
caramel, banana, milk, crispy chocolate

I am not a banana lover, but their banana cakes here are seriously gorgeous just like the Mousse chocolat-Banane above.
It was a light eclair filled with molten banana in the middle.
Le Matcha:
green tea, white chocolate, soy beans, cointreau

This cake was nice and light with refreshing green tea that was not too grassy balanced by the white chocolate.
Prima Donna:
Dark chocolate, banana, vanilla, caramel

A fast seller! By 2pm that day there was only one cake left!
It was a dreamy cake with banana and caramel with strong chocolate similar to the mousse-chocolate banane above but it had a stronger chocolate taste.
As a summary, I liked all the cakes with banana which is strange because I don't really eat banana. Then my next favourites would be the Rhapsody and Cheesecake.

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