Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hot and Spicy, perfect for spicy thrills

Spicy Andong (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Gary for bringing me along to this tasting.

This is a new branch of Spicy Andong because they have another branch in Mong Kok where the interior is really cool. They have padlocks hung on the walls and cute message cards attached.

At the Causeway bay branch, they also have these message cards and colourful interior.

Anyway here was what we had:
Basically for Spicy Andong chicken there is one with oyster and one without.

Spicy Andong Chicken:
Tasted quite similar to the one below but the taste was less fancy without the oysters but the spiciness was still there.
Spicy Andong chicken with oyster:

To be honest I prefer the one with oyster because there are more flavours in the dish and the oysters were plump and huge!
To begin with the oysters were quite spicy, but after a while they get even spicier after absorbing the sauce.
Luckily they offer a non spicy version.
Collagen salad

This salad is called a collagen salad because it has slices of pork trotters which are rich in collagen.
I liked the cool crunchy lettuce leaves tossed in tangy sesame sauce which is perfect for soothing the palatte after some spicy food.
Curry Toppokki with cheese

The curry toppokki was really cool because the usual sauce is spicy and not many places serve it in curry sauce.
Steamed pork with spicy garlic sauce

The sauce looked innocently refreshing but it was devilishly hot!!!!!!
So beware!
Grilled beef on lettuce

Nice chunks of beef paired with spicy kimchi.
Cheese and spicy minced pork pizza

The English menu does not indicate how spicy it was but this was another super spicy one!!
Clams steamed in jinro

I loved the golden metal teapot because you can pour soup out from the spout without the contents coming out.
It would be good if the alcohol taste was stronger.
Pan grilled eel

A lovely plain grilled eel which lets you taste it in its most natural form.
The suggested way of eating it is putting the eel on the lettuces leaves with the sauce provided.
Pan grilled ribs

Nicely pan grilled ribs which were thinly sliced.
To To Bibimbap with onions and egg

This was my favourite because most bibimbaps come with kimchi and meat, but this was plain rice, egg, onion and seaweed.
After mixing it, the rice and onions were really fragrant. There is an extra side of finely chopped onions which had strong sesame oil in it which I added as well and it tasted so much more nicer.
Brown rice milk

The rice milk was lovely and not too sweet with a delicious roasted rice taste.
On each table, there was a pair of scissors for the noodles which came in handy for cutting other pieces of food too.

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