Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morton's of Chicago (Macau)

I have always wanted to dine at Morton's of Chicago but the one in Hong Kong is inconvenient and there are other temptations around the area.

Decided to dine at Morton's so that I could also visit The Venetian.
If it was not this restaurant, I would not set foot in The Venetian again!!!
The mall was extremely annoying and big, every place looked the same.
There was a shortcut via the Casino but they kept checking me for ID to prove that I was over 21.
(I was also checked at other Casinos as well :( )

They had digital kiosks with floor-plans but most of them were not working.

(Compared to the City of Dreams, every digital kiosk worked perfectly and the place was so much more comfortable and modern).

After frantically walking in that maze for an hour, I finally found it!

Finally sat down!!

Onion bread:

The onion bread was served and it was lovely and warm.
It was soft with a nice bread texture and it was slightly sweet.

Maine Lobster Cocktail:

There were not many pieces of lobster but it tasted fresh and sweet which was the main thing and the meat was springy.
It tasted great on its own that I did not need to use the sauces.

Sauteed Spinach & Button Mushrooms:

I loved the spinach, it was not overcooked nor undercooked with a crisp crunch flavoured by the rich mushroom juices.
The mushrooms were lovely and earthy.

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake:

The crab cake was divine, it was 100% crab meat that was sweet with a hint of natrual saltiness.

For desserts there were so many options that they had a sample tray to show people.

On the tray, there were:
-Fresh Raspberries or mixed berries
-Key Lime Pie
-Carrot Cake
-Double Chocolate Mousse
-Creme Brulee

The first dessert menu they gave me had no prices, so I asked for one with prices.

In the end I chose the souffle

Grand marnier souffle:

The souffle came with as bowl of sauce about the size of the souffle.
I did not use the sauce because it was really sweet and the souffle was already sweet.
The souffle was hot and foamy with a strong orange peel taste.


Price: MOP6XX
Service: OK
Service charge: 10%
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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