Monday, January 20, 2014

Okinawa purple potato swiss roll

Arome Bakery
The new Okinawa purple potato series looked really nice.

The cake and tart looked captivating but a whole cake was too much for me so I got the roll.

Okinawa purple potato roll:

On the top of the roll, it was covered with purple sweet potato puree and two pistachio nuts.
I was impressed that they put a sturdy card at the bottom of the bag so that when you carry it the cake does not stick to the bag.

It was a chocolate roll filled with cream and more purple sweet potato puree.
I loved this cake because the chocolate rolls was moist and chocolately without being too sweet complemented by the purple sweet potato puree which surprisingly tasted good together.
The sweet potato puree was velvety and not too starchy which was made lighter with the foamy whipped cream in the middle.
As a whole, it was a good balance of chocolate cake, cream and potato puree.

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