Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Exclusive: all day breakfast at McDonalds on 1st Jan 2014

McDonald's (Central)
To be honest I skip breakfast especially when you have to dine there because I don't have time or ANY time at all to grab breakfast for takeaway too.

The main task is finishing breakfast and leaving ASAP and not about enjoying it.

I do remember trying this breakfast ages ago and it was TASTELESS and reminded me of breakfasts on flights.

Anyway, McDonald's did a really cool event and served breakfast all day on 1/1/2014.

Admittedly I had this for dinner and one was not enough so I had TWO~!

I found GRAPE JAM to go with the muffins.

This is probably a regional thing because in the UK it would be damn weird having jam with muffins.
I also thought it was odd that the jam was grape jam when the norm is Strawberry but then it is probably a regional thing again.
Mango is the norm in Asia but elsewhere it would probably be other fruits.

The breakfast was served with Soy milk which was fair enough because it is the Far East.

Surprisingly, the breakfast tasted good because I had time to really TASTE it and enjoy it.

I had all the time in the world to put ketchup on the muffin, then adding pieces of scrambled egg on top then sprinkling black pepper and salt which enhanced the flavour.

Previously the egg was tasteless because I had no time to put salt and pepper on the egg.
I also tried some grape jam with the muffin which tasted ok but I still prefer egg with muffins and I think the grape jam would probably go better with their sweet pancakes.

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