Thursday, January 09, 2014

New kid J on da block

J's Bar & Restaurant (Wan Chai)

I was browsing OpenRice for new restaurants and found this one so decided to go.

It was a neat little restaurant bar tucked away on Anton Road near Queen Road East.
When I got there, there was a bright menu by the door.

Before going in, I made up my mind on the sandwich.

After I sat down, the girl came to take my orders, there was no lunch menu, but luckily I took a photo of the menu outside which I referred to.
After a while, I realized SHxT, there was no price on the board so I was a little worried that it might be one of those over priced places, but luckily it was only $89 after asking.
The set lunch was a four course meal.

The decor was quite pleasant with a bar facing the door.

There was a quiet dining area left of the bar.

The evening menu was difficult to see but then I realised that you don't read the white writing but the shadow behind it!

The toilet signs were cute.

Here was what I had:
Tomato soup:

It was really creative how they put the drops of cream forming a circle pattern.
After trying a spoonful I realized to was extremely spicy so I could not finish it.
The soup would have tasted really good because I loved the sourness but the spicyness was just too strong for me.
Apple and avocado salad:

The salad on the other hand was great, it was simple with an effective dressing.
As you can see, it had baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, avocado and thinly sliced red and green apples.
It was really nice because everything was tossed and flavoured well with a sauce that tasted like orange juice that was really tangy.
I liked this dressing because it was not oily, heavy or creamy.
Looney tuna sandwich:

I did not like the beans because they were a bit raw, but the creamy tuna filling was good with the crispy soft baguette bun.

The tea was disappointing even though it was Liptons because it was the Hong Kong style RED tea which has a bitter taste.
It would be great if they had Earl grey or the breakfast blend.

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