Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Premium hotpot with fresh seafood

Beidouweng Hotpot Cuisine (Prince Edward)
Before I came here, I heard from non reviewers that their hotpots were quite premium.

The seafood is guaranteed fresh and they have lobster as well.

I tried the lobster tail which was meaty and springy flavoured by the strong broth and regretted not putting the head in as well.

The broth was strong with lots of chicken.
At the end it was great for blanching vegetables.

These livers were divine, they taste as good as the ones served at Wai Kee because the texture are slightly crisp and elastic.
I should have eaten more but it's difficult to judge how long to blanch it.

These dumplings were loaded with springy prawns and did not shrink.

The sea cucumber intestines were springy and delicate but it was hard judging how long they had to cook for.

Surprisingly the grilled items were good too especially the fish because it was so crispy and the chicken wings were nice and sticky with a hint of herbs and honey.

Although it might be late to celebrate CNY here, they are doing a Valentines deal which could be a good to avoid the crowd.

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