Thursday, January 23, 2014

Surprisingly good beef tripes

Hung Lee (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Came here for a quick meal before a gathering.

I often go to places randomly in TST and MK because it is hard to plan.

Went to Hau Fook alley and there were a few options, one was really old and grubby so opted for this one.

When I sat down, I was pleased that they gave me an English menu.
I quickly glanced at the prices of the Chinese and English menu because in Tourist areas, the prices are generally marked up on the English version

Well the prices were the same but the English one had two portion sizes Large and medium and the Chinese menu only had one portion size.
Anyway I opted for the ox tripe in satay sauce for $38 as shown on the wall.

Satay ox tripes with rice:

I was quite impressed that the ox tripes and rice were served separately.
The satay sauce was different to the thick golden orange satay sauces you normally get.
There were pieces of ox tripe in satay soup on a bed of pak choi vegetables beneath.

The rice was too soft but the ox tripe was impressive because the satay sauce was not sweet like the usual ones and the broth made it really soft and tasty, however there was some slight MSG in it.

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