Friday, January 03, 2014

Cheap and delicious noodles from 金發車仔麵

金發車仔麵 (Choi Hung)

This noodle joint is great but the location is only beneficial to the people who live or work there.

The noodles are CHEAP, it only costs $18 for a bowl of noodles and two items of your choice.
I was tempted to try their pumpkin sago too.

On my first visit, I had instant noodles with fried chicken cutlet and braised beef.

In the summer you are probably going to get food poisoning because they do not heat up the pre-fried chicken cutlet which is just put in that bowl with the hot soup poured over it, same with the other items.

On the second visit, I had instant noodles in sauce without the soup!
But saying that, she puts a whole ladle of sauce in the bowl, so the noodles tastes so much better than the soup one.
This time I chose ox tripe because it is one of the items that are in a heated pot.

The noodles on the second visit were great because the noodles tasted really good in that thick braised beef sauce.
The lady was also quite nice to ask if I wanted to use the sesame oil and broth powder that came with it. {ie Nissin Instant noodles!!!}
To be on the safe side, the braised beef and beef tendons are safe to pick because they are heated but the rest rely on the hot soup to warm it up!
I wonder if I will get food poisoning in the summer!~

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