Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meals from QUICK RICH (Macau)

I got meal vouchers to dine at Quick Rich in Macau.

The name and logo is designed just like a CASINO.

Each day, they have six different meals

Each meal has a product shot for reference:

The meal collection system was quite good, you just go to that relevant counter, give your voucher and get the meal.

The lady is impatiently waiting for Meal 3.

Here was counter 6 for the vegetarian dish.

Mixed vegetables in red beancurd sauce:

This was a bit disappointing because there were too much mushrooms, but the taste was quite good.
The vegetarian meat and seaweed soup was great but there was some sand in it.
Stewed lotus root and duck

The sauce and duck was nice but the duck was a bit chewy.

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