Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Weekly "Try it" Dinner

The Salted Pig (Central)
Thanks to Try it for holding this dinner.

It is a system that matches tryers to buyers, as well as restaurants they also feature snacks and drinks to try.

Since my last visit, there is a new British Chef Anthony Fletcher on board and the dishes tastes so much better.
The salted pig board:

As you can see the scotch egg was decent and better than my previous one.
I did not even get a whole one last time, it was just half an egg covered in coating and the egg yolk was a bit hard.
The bacon was smoking, yet it was nice and crispy.
Pancetta scallops on peas and broad bean hash with cider dressing:

This was my favourite especially the peas in creamy cider dressing.
Grilled romaine lettuce:

The grilled romaine lettuce was uniquely done, it was a whole lettuce cut in half and grilled flavoured by the anchovies on top.
Crispy fried chicken:

When it came, you could already smell that Southern coating on the fried chicken.
Luckily I got the chicken thigh which was tender and the coating was tasty and crispy with a hint of spicyness.

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