Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Loaded radish cake from Canton Room

Canton Room (Wan Chai)

At the Canton room, they have three types of puddings for CNY.

Scallop Chinese radish pudding:

Traditional CNY pudding:

Golden water chestnut pudding:

Anyway, I tried the scallop Chinese radish pudding.

As usual I heated it up in the microwave.

After heating it, I sliced it and found huge chunks of Chinese radish in the pudding.

This Chinese radish cake is loaded! There were so much dried shrimps and chunks of preserved sausages in it.
I loved this Chinese radish cake because the radish was chunky and crisp but not raw with sweetness.
For this particular radish pudding it would taste better panfried because this one is loaded with dried shrimps and preserved sausages that will taste even better panfried forcing out the flavours from the shrimp and preserved sausages.

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