Friday, January 24, 2014

The spiciest Thai style minced pork

Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken (Tin Hau)

There are about three branches of Koon Thai Hai Nam Chicken in Hong Kong but the menu differs at different branches.

The menu below is not served at the Wan Chai branch which is why I dined here.

Minced pork with spicy and sour sauce:

When I saw this, I knew I was in trouble because the minced pork was orange so I knew it was going to be hot and you could also see finely grounded chili powder on the minced pork.
After trying a little morsel of minced pork, I knew I had to leave it because it was way too spicy!!!!!!!
I have tried this dish at other restaurants but not as spicy as this.
Shredded chicken with spinach noodles:

I had better luck with the shredded chicken.
There was so much shredded chicken on this plate.

The green noodles did not have any outstanding taste and the texture was just like chewy ultra al dente instant noodles.

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