Friday, January 24, 2014

潮城 takeout's

潮城燒臘粥店 (Wan Chai)
For Chinese cha chaan teng dishes, I tend not to spend too much on it because it is not really my cup of tea.

At 潮城 they have lunches for $40 which I have never considered but this time I noticed the takeaway was only $33 including a drink.
In general, I get takeaways if the food is cheaper because I would feel so gutted if the food wasn't nice and you have to sit in that noisy grubby environment.

Stir fried instant noodles with seafood:

When I opened the box, the noodles looked a soft because the strands were big.
The taste was surprisingly better than I had imagined, it was not oily or salty compared to other places.
There were lots of julienne vegetables and the squid tasted decent, it was springy and fresh unlike the frozen ones that other places use.
Overall, if the noodles did not have that foamy soft texture, it would have been perfect because I liked the way it did not have that stir fried wok taste.
They tasted like a big batch of instant noodles tossed in sauce and lightly stir fried so that the noodles are quick to serve as the chefs would be rather busy if they had to cook each one when people order.

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