Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New cake box design to absorb the oils

Kam Fung Restaurant (Wan Chai)
I was surprised they changed the design of the box, previously it was plain white with a red logo.

(I think the red and white box looks better because they look like the Chinese bakery ones in London.)
Previous box:

As for the chicken pie, it was really nice, there was a lot of filling.
I liked the buttery pastry and the sweetness from the chicken gravy.
Overall the taste was pleasant but I still prefer the chicken pie at North point.

The new box is cool because it absorbs the oil from the pie!
At first I thought the colour from the cake casing had gone onto the box, but then I realized the oil from the pie had gone through the paper casing to the box.
There was so much oil that the box has gone seethrough and you can see the patterns!!!

Next time I get these pies, I will let it stand longer so the box absorbs more oil!!

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